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avatar for Lauren McCann

Lauren McCann

"Laissez les bons temps rouler"

avatar for Joyce Fetteroll

Joyce Fetteroll

Joyce has been writing about unschooling since 1995, when her son, Danny, was four. Joyce has an engineering degree and in her former life worked as a software engineer and techni...

avatar for Rachel Fagen

Rachel Fagen

Facilitative Leadership for social change organizations

Talk to me about: global scale and local focus, org & board dev, community activism, and why strategic plans are the wors...

avatar for Larry McCarthy

Larry McCarthy

"Well that's the way I like it, I like it too much!"

avatar for Renee Hopkins

Renee Hopkins

Innovation and ideas. Editor, Texas Enterprise. Presenter, Business 101: How to Actually Make Money? -

avatar for Deborah


Mom, librarian, friend. I like to cook, eat, read, play, have friends, and be with my family.

avatar for brenda be

brenda be

Boston area interior designer, specializing in artful and green interior design and renovation design - we help people to transform spaces into art for living, in harmony with the...

avatar for Sooz


#OhHello // Relocated to the Bay Area (July 2014) after 20 years in Boston // Rye + Bourbon cocktails // Chronically young at heart // Etcetera

avatar for Lynn Noel

Lynn Noel

avatar for Matt 'Floyd' McClellan

Matt 'Floyd' McClellan

My life is turning out to be pretty fantastic! I got the best wife and the best kids, and I love my job and the people I work with.

avatar for timothy guilmain

timothy guilmain

facebook is no substitute for live interaction, only a pacifier.......

avatar for Joy Orpin

Joy Orpin

"I see you shine in your way; go on, go on, go on." -Vampire Weekend Just married! We had an amazing wedding day followed by a perfect honeymoon in Hawaii. Thanks everyone fo...

avatar for Susan Pinheiro

Susan Pinheiro

I'm in love with the most wonderful man ever and can't wait to see where the future will take us! I'm finally married!!! I'm an Ohio University graduate with a BS in HSLS! I am...

avatar for Xiao-Ping Liu

Xiao-Ping Liu

Percolating through grad school in auditory neuroscience.

avatar for Amy Winkle

Amy Winkle

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” –Cicero

avatar for Jen Deaderick

Jen Deaderick

They call me cool because I have more glide in my stride and more dip in my hip.

avatar for Kirsten Greenidge

Kirsten Greenidge

Check out my blog:

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